You can learn from native speakers of whatever the language you want at your office.

We offer the business English lesson at the most reasonable price!
We offer the business English lesson at the most reasonable price!


Want to take English lesson...But you’re worried?

Q: Worried if we really get improved…
A: By focusing on the topics you need, it will lead you to the success in a minimum time.
Q: Worried if we can keep on studying effectively…
A: We do surveys on a regular basis and make curriculum according to your needs.
If you get busy, you can cancel the class or change the lesson time.
Q: Worried about the budget…
A: We offer you a lesson plan that fits within your budget.
Also it is possible for your employees to bear a part of the expense.
Q: Not sure where to start...
A: Our experienced counsellor will suggest you the best plan for you according to your needs.
You can take a free trial lesson from our professional teacher before a formal contract to see how the class is like.
Q: Any management needed after the lesson starts?
A: Please leave it to us.
We announce your students the lesson schedule and the details.
When the students want to rearrange the date or time, we will do that for you.
We also take attendance for each lesson and report it to you every month.
For those who need help, GLOBiC provide you a low cost and high quality English lesson!
For those who need help, GLOBiC provide you a low cost and high quality English lesson!
Factor 1
Factor 2
Factor 3
These 3 factors makes GLOBiC’s low cost+high quality lessons possible.
We specialize in dispatching teachers, so we can save on the running cost for operating the schools. Also we don’t spend money on advertisement, so we can cut down the cost and offer you lessons at a lower price compared to our competitors.


We think the teacher is a key for a successful language education, so we regard the quality of the teacher as one of the most important matters. From hundreds of teachers, we select the best-matched teacher for you through interviews and mock-up lessons.


To become more globalized company following
the global market expansion.


TOTO LTD. has sales offices and production sites in the U.S, Europe, and Asia, and we’re expecting the foreign sales ratio to be more than 50% in the future.

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Japanese hospitality, “Omotenashi” to the guests from all over the world

Itamae Sushi Japan Co.,Ltd.

We decided to offer our employees an English lesson in order
to improve our customer service towards foreign customers at our Sushi restaurants.

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English proficiency is the most essential issue.
Environment for all the employees to improve their English.

Enable k.k.

Many of our products are made in overseas and we need English speaking skills for inquiries and business meetings.

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Case study Hospitality industry

Case study Hospitality industry

・For communication with the foreign tourists

Foreign tourists to Japan are becoming more multinational. For the people working in hospitality industry, GLOBiC has effective curriculum focusing on basic hospitality.

Trading company

Trading company

・Lessons for developing and promoting new services

More advanced negotiation dialogue and diversification of surgical resource. This lesson assumes preparations for expansion of trading partner countries.

Manufacturer / Manufacturing industry


・Lessons for smooth communication with overseas local officials

Lesson will assume smooth communication and Negotiation with local partners when transferring factory abroad and training for overseas employees.