Procedure of the Contract

1Hearing the details of your needs

To suggest the best only-for-you curriculum, we need to know what your company exactly needs first (eg. Want to start from very basic speaking and grammars./ Want to learn how to respond to incoming phone calls.). Please contact us if you have any questions, however small. We are flexible with providing lessons at any time, day, and term.

Free counseling

2Making an original curriculum and an estimate

We provide you with made-to-order curriculum and an estimate based on your needs. You can customize time, day, term, teacher, and textbook for your most efficient learning.

Curriculum creation and estimation tailored to your needs

3Making a contract

If you are satisfied with our curriculum and the quotation, we will then proceed to make a contract under the condition.


4Level Check Test

We do a level check test if needed. It is good to set up goals of each student, sort classes, and choose a suitable textbook.

Level check

5Lesson start

Once you start learning the language,you will face many problems and you will have more requests. Please feel free to contact us. We will coordinate curriculum and assist teachers to make your lesson more effective. GLOBiC will always support you to keep the best lesson until you achieve the goal.

Lesson start

6Free counseling

We will check how much you improved your English after taking lessons on a regular basis. After grasping each field of good and bad areas,we will give further advice and suggestions to achieve the goal. We will also support the study for exams like TOEIC and TOEFL upon request.

Free counseling
ー 導入を検討されているご担当者様へ ー

外国語研修の導入というと、たくさんのプランや選択肢があって迷われるかもしれませんが、GLOBiCなら、その心配は不要です。 「普段なんとなく感じている課題」「漠然と描いている将来像」でも結構です。 まずは、ご担当者様のイメージをお聞かせください。 経験豊富なGLOBiC専任アドバイザーがご相談に乗りながら、貴社の課題解決に最適なカリキュラムを一から作成し、ご提案いたします。 カリキュラムのご提案は無料ですので、まずは「貴社の可能性」を覗いてみませんか?