For general staff

Basic practical response program

It is a program to smoothly carry out "basic response" to foreign customers. We will focus on the words and sentences which is necessary for carrying out telephone response, email exchange, customer service conversation and so on.

For new recruits

Business manner program

Not only as a business person, we will focus on business manner that can be accepted also in "the partner country that you need". You can learn how to confidently conduct greetings on the first meeting, etiquette in business negotiations, company introductions.

For project leader and mid-level employee

Strategic sales / negotiation program

It is a program for employees who are the core of operations. This program is for the staff who need to sale strategically and negotiate. Learn how to give presentations and meetings and make a contract with clients. We will cultivate language skills to fully demonstrate our own business skills such as direct negotiation abroad, presentation, contract etc. In addition, as a project leader, in order to involve people from different cultures, understanding of local communication skills, meetings, and local culture.

For business trip, expatriate staff

Overseas assignment intensive program

Native speakers will support it so that you can achieve sufficient results by overseas assignment such as business trips. The content of the lesson ranges from local manners and lifestyle habits. You can also practice a presentation and do the final check at the class.

Management staff, for managers

executive program

For stationary and scheduled reasons, private lessons will be offered for those who are difficult to attend a language school. Teachers who are good at local information and have business experience will visit your office where you are always working and will conduct lessons. In addition to business conversation, it is also possible to teach free talks, little jokes


Employee training

When introducing language training as part of the work such as "assignment to department overseas" or "person who has decided to work abroad", the outcome must be considered first. In addition to native speaker’s lessons, it is possible to introduce practical and technical lessons after counseling detailed business contents by dedicated advisor . It is also possible to customize the content of the lesson by "long-term lesson" or "short-term lesson".

benefit package

"I want to learn a foreign language at the moment so I want to work abroad in the near future !!" "I want opportunities to use a foreign language to improve my own language skills", such as for welfare purposes, foreign language lessons are also supported. We prepare various lesson styles that meet the needs of students, from general lesson, discussions, and games.



Lesson will assume smooth communication and Negotiation with local partners when transferring factory abroad and training for overseas employees.


Responding to foreign tourists, diversifying the languages required for claims handling. Lessons are intended for the development and dissemination of new services.

Trading company

More advanced negotiation dialogue and diversification of surgical resource. This lesson assumes preparations for expansion of trading partner countries.

ー To those who are considering introduction ー

Introduction of foreign language training may be difficult with plenty of plans and options, but if it’s with GLOBiC, that concern is unnecessary. Please tell us the image of the lesson and future. GLOBiC dedicated advisor will consult with you, we will create and propose the best curriculum for your problem solving. Proposal of the curriculum is free. Why don’t you look into "possibility of your company"?